5 Best Reasons Your Small Business Should Do Content Marketing

Over the years, paid advertising has become less reliable. Especially now that people are able to use ad blockers for free.

Add to that, ad blockers have found their way from desktop to mobile. Approximately 11% of the global Internet population has been intentionally blocking ads, and this can impact the effectiveness of paid ads. To get around this, you must utilize content marketing.

Content marketing is more than just blogs, articles, and maybe social media. It is a long-term marketing strategy that uses content in a myriad of formats to create or strengthen the relationship of your small business with your target audience. This can capture attention, improve brand recall, and increase engagement.

Here are the benefits of content marketing and why it is a worthy investment.

Higher ROI

Whether you hire someone to produce content or outsource your content marketing to an outsourcing company, it is cheaper compared to other advertising. It is said that content marketing costs about 62% less compare to traditional marketing.

No Hard Selling

People now get turned off from hard selling. Companies just present how their products are the best. But clients are more interested in how a product can make their lives better or perhaps eliminate pinpoints.

Attract Wider Audience

Useful high-quality content can attract your usual audience. They can take note of it and even share it through their various social media accounts. You can reach more audience without paying those who share your content.

Lead Nurturing

You need to nurture your leads to make them stay or buy more. It is a long cycle but to establish a good relationship and trust, you need to provide quality content to let them feel that you are helping them.

Organic Search Visibility

Content may be king, you will need a good SEO to make it visible. In return, good content can also boost SEO efforts as more and more people discover what you have in store for them.

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